Moffat Coal Company, Taylor, PA Moffat Coal in background. I was looking rugged to blend in.

T Rex and Twigs in Da Mine No. 9 

Scale of Power I have a sense of power when photographing. Was in that zone and the perspective in the center was a measurement.

Pentagram Goddess 

When Captured Plastic is Mistaken for a Hornet's Nest  

Bill Ferris pizza guy with biggest coal collection in state

White Chair in Culm   a hidden treasure.

Snowflake  Says a snowflake is when you're in a college lecture and someone's offended by something. They have to go to another room cuz they're a snowflake.

Feel the Crushing Steel inspired by Grace Jones

This Culm Dump Isn't Burning an absence of sulphur smell, culm are the weeded out pieces that can't be used for fuel, they light underground and burn unstoppably.

Slag Through Birch 

Nancy Malone, Scranton RIP at 92 years, kind, strong and only fierce when speaking about current government

Scranton Shoes found in Salvation Army as LLBean boots look over jealously

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