Moffat Coal Company, Taylor, PA

Moffat Coal Has Ephemerals Alone, I felt like a ghost passing through.

Indestructible Force People in Taylor claim that this remaining building can't be destroyed because it's made of concrete and they were the first to use that material.

Curious About Kerns 

T Rex and Hidden 

Drawing with Light definition of photo/graphy

Once Upon a Time in Taylor 

Copper from Coal This sweet man drove off on his ATV to get pictures to show us from his house. He worked for the scrapper man. 

Scrapper Man driving around the no trespassing site. Had a man scrounging around for him looking for metal. He was untrustworthy.

There Once Was Lace   the lace factory was an important industry during coal times. Women worked in the lace factory and men in the mines.

Dear Rose  Rose was extremely close to my family. She would tell stories of her daughter Debbie doing things in high school. Now Rose needs her daughter.

Scranton Post There's more diversity now. Back in the coal days, there were Irish, Polish, and Italians. 

Guarding the Ruin is a Hawk  I kept seeing the hawk perched on the roof overlooking Moffat.

Indelible in the Hippocampus  Growing up, a jingle about Moffat Coal Company was on the radio. Kids would sing it. Incessantly.

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