Everybody's Goal is Mine More Coal

Coaldale, PA

Sea of Blue

Coaldale, PA

Randy Converts Rat Bikes 

to run on gas, Coaldale, PA

Over the Mountain is a Trail Leading to a Hidden Ruin

Frackville had a magical and camouflaged train car with trees growing through the floor. When asking others if they knew about the train ruin, nobody did.

Smoked Beef  Bones for Dogs
One femur weighed ten pounds and his pitbull devoured it in 15 mins in the back of his car.

After Forty Years a Haircut, Two Years Ago

Wondering how fast his hair grows.

Two Teens and One Rapper

John introduced himself as a rapper and proceeded to rap. 

I'm a Rapper Named John

His friends covered their ears when he rapped.

Humane Human

Teens have no interest in coal

Melting at the Auction

People cherish their dogs and open up to talk.

Trump Digs Coal

Although he never came through

In 94 Years, Phil Worked in Seven Mines

Phil had a large blue scar on his forehead from being thrown against the wall in the mine. He said that they didn’t clean wounds as good as today. It looked like a blue tree.

Virgin Mary on One Arm, 666 on the Other

Chewing to spit coal dust.

Ashes Get Trucked Down From the Electric Plant

The Only Woman

A massive truck appeared that was driven by a woman. One arm had a long Chevrolet tattoo and on the other was a large oval-shaped burn scar. 

Dripping Coal

From here, coal went to a breaker, which broke it into different sizes. No more breaker boys, it’s sorted by machines.

Culm Dump, Taylor, PA

Birch trees thrive in the culm

Fifteen Cats and One Cigarette

Real Dad, Coaldale, PA

Dad and Daughter, Coaldale, PA

Migrated from Badlands, Philadelphia

A Dollar to Wash

Rinsed with Squirt Guns

Fist Pump After the Car Wash

Lack of Trust

Gray Scale

I Make Rat Bikes that Run on Gas

Engineer mind who reconstructs machines into motorbikes.

A Car More a Day Means Extra Pay

Train cars were instrumental to the coal industry

Gilberton, PA

Anthracite, 300 Million Years of History

Portfolio review with Amber Bracken

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