Everybody’s Goal is Mine More Coal   

I photographed inside this shack in Coaldale, PA and I was drawn to the blue tarp. When I returned this summer, the shack was gone.

Indelible in the Hippocampus    

I have memories of a jingle playing on the radio. “You’ll enjoy the best in heating... when you heat your home with only Moffat Premium Anthracite.” I heard it repeatedly as kids would sing it in jest.

Moffat Coal has Ephemerals   

I felt like a ghost passing through the ruins.

Scale of Power  
The metal piece in the center seemed like a giant ruler and I feel a sense of power while photographing. Thus, the measurement.

Gold to a Scrapper  

A scrapper is a person who illegally scavenges for metals. I was wary of a scrapper at the ruins of the Ashley Huber Breaker.

Tattoos Tell the Tale  

With a mouth full of chewing tobacco, his tattoos are complicated and diverse.

The Only Woman

On my last day, I decided to take side roads rather than jump on the superhighway. I saw a facility with a sign that said “Trump Digs Coal,” and pulled off the road to make a plan. Along came a truck driven by a woman. I was drawn to her Chevrolet tattoo on one arm and a large oval-shaped scar on the other. 

LL Bean Looks Enviously at Scranton Shoes  
Found in the Salvation Army in Scranton, I fell in love with these shoes.

Humane Humans

Sweet teens hanging at the firehouse. None had interest in working in coal. 

Smoked Beef  Bones for Dogs
One femur weighed ten pounds and his pitbull devoured it in 15 mins in the back of his car.

Over the Mountain is a Trail Leading to a Hidden Ruin
It was a magical place with a train car that had been hidden by plant life. Trees grew through the floor of the car. When I asked others if they knew about the train ruins, nobody did.

In 94 Years, Phil Has Worked in Seven Mines

Phil had a large blue scar on his forehead from being thrown against the wall in the mine. He said that they didn’t clean wounds as good as today. It looked like a blue tree.

Culm Dumps No Longer Burning
He knew about culm, but said almost nothing.

Tom Dudash
We mostly spoke about gnocchis. There’s a large Polish population in that area; the initial draw was coal.

Haircut After Forty Years, Two Years Ago
I commented on his hair and he hadn’t cut it for forty years up until two years ago. I wondered if his hair grows extremely fast.

I Was Fascinated by His Hands

He kept talking about the neighboring city of Hazelton, where he was headed with the coal, as being dangerous due to the immigrants.

Two Teens and One Rapper

Teens hanging on a hot evening. John introduced himself as a rapper and proceeded to sing his sad rap. His friends covered their ears.

I'm a Rapper Named John

His friends left when he rapped.

Dripping Coal

After this, coal went to a breaker, which broke it into different sizes. There are no more breaker boys; it’s sorted by machines.

Trump Digs Coal

Unkept promises 

I Make Rat Bikes that Run on Gas
He is an engineer who reconstructs bikes and is clever about how he converts bicycles into motorbikes.

Melting at the Auction

People love talking about their dogs.

Did You and Is It?  

Anthracite, 300 Million Years

There’s history in the rock.

Susan Moffat © All rights reserved.