Anthracite the Superpower it's the hardest + slowest burning coal. There are 300 million years of history in this material.

Strip Mining, Reading Anthracite Coal Company

Strip Mining Shenandoah, PA He drives trucks that take coal to Hazelton. Says it's dangerous there and there are lots of immigrants because of the jobs. He was born in Nashville and has lived in PA since. I couldn't stop looking at his hands.

So Many Trump Supporters  He promised to save coal and they continue to support him.

I Make Bikes that Run On Gas 

Maxine Vermillion, Summit Hill, PA

When he was 15, her grandfather was run over by a coal car in the mine. They carried him home and sawed off his leg on the kitchen table. He was grateful because that meant that he never had to go back into the mines. He tacked his extra sock to the kitchen wall as a reminder.

Backyard Coaldale, PA

The Eery Silence of a Breaker 

Savior Lady She suggested I go to the gas station when I was lost after losing my bag with wallet and other camera. I kept looking at her red nails.

Randy in Coaldale, PA  makes bikes from found parts and occasionally sells. He invents things. He helped find my bag when he suggested trying the police station. Gave me directions and I got lost.  

Room with View  Coaldale, PA

Leftovers  Coaldale, PA  

To Swim and Not Leave

Triptych: Everybody's Goal is to Mine More Coal

Strip Mined Landscape

Strips the earth and leaves it  barren. Much of the earth in northeastern PA looks like this. 

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